About me



I'm Linda, a 23 years old creative mind with a wide range of skills in art, animation, writing, interaction design, team leadership and customer care as well as technical support.

My native language is German, but I dare say my English is almost on par.

I'm also fluent in French and Italian and currently learning Japanese.

Working on amazing projects which make the world more fun and creating engaging experiences is my passion.

Previous experiences are comprised of working as an assistant store manager for a luxury fashion brand, customer support in various environments and in a computer repair shop as well as temporary work in gastronomy, retail and promotions.

In my free time I love dwelling in fiction, creating worlds and characters populating them,  teaching others how to draw, observing pets and eating delicious things I've prepared, with people I care about.

Through my studies I have been able to make first experiences in project management and have acquired some basic skills in the following software suites and engines.


Confident use of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for photo editing and digital art & illustrator for logos and web design.


Solid understanding of the engine and the process of developing a game as part of a student project work.

First experiences in managing small interdisciplinary teams in an agile environement combining different methods to match individual needs. Other softwares used inclode trello, Jira, slack and Taiga.io.


Low poly sculpting, mapping, texturing simple semi realisitc / comic textures. Animating existing rigs.
additional software knowledge
Microsoft office suite for reports, letters and spreadsheets
Experience with other art software such as 
Clip Studio Paint for illustration and animation, Medibang Paint, Krita, MyPaint, Paint Tool SAI, OpenCanvas, MangaLabo, Sketchbook etc.